Monthly Archives: March 2011

SpeechTEK Europe Discount for AVIxD Members

SpeechTEK Europe is delighted to announce a special 20% discount for AVIxD members to attend the conference in London this spring. Taking place on 25 & 26 May, SpeechTEK Europe brings together speech developers, providers and users in a single forum to explore and debate the latest in speech tech and its imbact on today‚Äôs […]

Announcing AVIxD Working Groups — proposals welcome

AVIxD is pleased to introduce “Working Groups”. Working groups are designed to allow AVIxD members to pursue and discuss topics of professional interest. For example, a working group might be focused on multi-lingual applications, multimodal voice interactions, or fostering collaboration between the research community and industry. AVIxD Working Group are designed to be member-led initiatives. […]