Monthly Archives: March 2017

AVIxD Board Members Election 2017– How to Run for the Board

The board of the Association for Voice Interaction Design (AVIxD) is preparing for the annual election of new board members. This email explains how to run for the board. The board currently has 8 members with 5 seats up for re-election. The current members whose terms are complete are Helen Vanscoy (PTP), Mark Smolensky (AT&T), Deborah […]

Call for Participation | AVIxD Workshop 2017

Call for Participation  |  AVIxD Workshop 2017 Design Guidelines for Conversational User Interfaces Proposals Due March 29, 2017 Sunday, 23 April 2017 |  Afternoon  | Just prior to SpeechTEK 2017 Washington, D.C.   The Association for Voice Interaction Design is seeking proposals for the 2017 workshop on voice interaction design, “Design Guidelines for Conversational User […]