2019 Board Elections

The board of the Association for Conversational Interaction Design (ACIxD) is preparing for the annual election of new board members.

Five seats are up for re-election. The current members whose terms are complete are; Helen Vanscoy (PTP), Mark Smolensky (AT&T), Deborah Rapsinski, Kristie Goss (Concentrix), and Shelley Moore (Verizon). Members who have a year left to serve are; Crispin Reedy (Versay), Amy Goodwin (Verizon), and Jamey White (Concentrix).
Any number of candidates may run. You can nominate yourself or someone else (we definitely encourage self-nomination — if nominating someone else, please first make sure they’ve agreed to serve if elected).
If you would like to run for the board in this election, please email contact@acixd.org by Friday February 22nd. In that email, please include a brief statement about your candidacy, which we will publish to members in the election. Please limit statements to 500 words or less.
After the election, the board will determine its officers (President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc.). In terms of time commitment, the board meets by phone once every month, with additional meetings called as necessary (mostly around SpeechTek for preparation). Apart from this, the workload varies, depending on current ACIxD activities. Some weeks as little as 1 hour is required; at other times, 5 or more hours/week may be required.
Elections will be conducted via on-line ballot, starting March 4th, ending March 11th.

Candidates must be current voting members of ACIxD. If you’re not a member and want to participate in the election, just join at the Professional level. If you have any questions about your membership status for the election, just contact us at contact@acixd.org.
Thank you very much, and we look forward to hearing from you!

ACIxD 2019 Election Committee

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