AVIxD Is Getting A New Name! We are now ACIxD

The Association for Voice Interaction Design, AVIxD, will be changing its name to the Association for Conversational Interaction Design, known as ACIxD.

“‘Conversational’ is really the prevailing term that’s now being used to describe our industry,” said Helen Van Scoy, a long-time ACIxD board member. “We wanted to use an umbrella term that covers all types of human-computer word-based interactions, including chat, text, smart speakers, and so on.”

Over the past few years, personal assistants such as Siri and Google Home have pushed conversational design to the forefront of the industry. As they become ubiquitous, users’ expectations of speech recognition have skyrocketed, regardless of channel. We are user experience designers, and our new name reflects that we are excited to promote conversational strategies, no matter where those conversations occur.

Please join us as we migrate over to our new homes online:





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