AVIxD Open Roundtable Series

The AVIxD Open Roundtable Series is an unscripted virtual forum for voice interaction design practitioners to get together and discuss topics of relevance to voice interaction design, such a best practices and industry trends.  Since voice interaction design is a rapidly changing field and voice designers may be the only one of their kind in their organization, the Open Roundtable offers a unique forum for designers to meet up and discuss current topics, as chosen by a subject matter expert panel.  Each Round Table will consist of  45 minutes discussion of the chosen topic, followed by 15 minutes of Q&A. 

June – VUI Design Tools and Design Deliverables
July – User Research Tools – card sorts, walk throughs, tree sorts
August – Hiring / Training discussion  (follow up of the brown bag)
September – Better Usability Reports
October – Tuning:  Convincing Clients it is Excellent
November – Adjusting the Output of Text to Speech Voices

To register for any of the AVIxD Open Roundtable series, go to our EventBrite page at:

There is no fee for attending but please support AVIxD by joining us today!  Visit http://avixd.org/membership/ to find out more.

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