CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Guidelines for Conversational User Interfaces

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Guidelines for Conversational User Interfaces

Have you, or do you want to, write a user interface for Alexa, Siri, Jibo, or Google Home? Or perhaps you are interested in designing for a chatbot or an intelligent personal assistant?  If so… we are looking for YOU!

AVIxD’s 2016 Workshop at SpeechTEK, “Ubiquitous Speech:  Creating Guidelines for Designing Conversational User Interfaces,” was a great success, with lively and interesting discussions on such topics as:

– What counts as a conversational user interface?
– How might we evaluate these UIs?
– What are the various classifications or contexts in which we will see these UIs?
– How do the various types of interactions (visual, spoken, touch) interplay?  At what point does one take precedence over another?
– Should the user always initiate the dialog, or should the system sometimes initiate the dialog? Under what circumstances?

The AVIxD Workshop working group is currently codifying the workshop notes, and, in the coming days, will be joining together with the AVIxD Wiki working group in our ongoing effort to expand the scope of our guidelines into this exciting and interesting new territory.  Are you interested in this area? Or are you currently working in this area?  We could use your help!  Discuss topics, share your expertise, and contribute, as a writer, or as a reviewer.  For more information contact

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