Notes from the AVIxD Annual Member Meeting 2018!

Another great meeting in the history books.  Here are the notes. 

Please contact us at if you have any questions or you would like to join us for some of the upcoming efforts.


AVIxD Annual Meeting

April 4, 2018 – SpeechTEK


Note: See presentation on SlideShare at:

  • We need YOU!  Looking for more involved people at all levels
    • Many hands make light work!
  • Next Meeting: AVIxD Virtual Membership Summit – May 4th, 2018, Noon Central time.
    • Topics:
      • Increasing AVIxD membership – growing the pipeline from “occasional member” to “involved member” to “board.”
      • Projects
      • Open forum for discussion


Challenge from Jim Larson: He would like to see AVIxD do something on:

  • Guidelines for designing for Multi-Modal, i.e. Alexa Show and similar devices
  • Job description for VUI designers.
    • We already have something of a start on that with the presentation today at 4:30 pm: AVIxD presents: What Makes a Customer Experience Designer


Group discussion:  Difficulty of hiring designers

  • Some designers have “pompous” or difficult attitude
  • People with pure usability background may be more humble
  • Is knowledge of a specific tool a job requirement?  Probably not
  • What about people coming from a computational linguistics / NL background?  Could be a good fit
  • What about outreach to STC (Society for Technical Communication) chapters?  This could be a good source of memberships / interested people


Discussion about Tools

  • Convergys has Pathmaker tool which is open sourced
  • Other people are still using a variety of tools


Virtual meetings

  • Group seemed very open to the idea of having virtual members meetings which would be like Brown Bags but instead of having a speaker we would have a variety of topics like a round table.
  • Since so many of us are the only ones in our organization it is important to get that sharing.


Outreach to Chatbot companies

  • Bot part works well, how to also use them to support IVR?


Idea for AVIxD website – Collect links to VUI educational resources other places on the web – Need a bit of a web refresh


Discussion topic – “Voice” vs. “Conversational” Design


Outreach to universities

  • Promoting student memberships at places with computational linguistics programs such as UCSD, Berkley
  • International universities

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