Brown Bags Continue in July!

Brown Bags continue!

Please join us on Tue, July 11, 2017 at 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT when our Brown Bag Session will be presented by
David Attwater, Senior Scientist at EIG, Inc.

Hanging Out with Alexa

In this talk we will present some results from a small sample preliminary study of Alexa in people’s homes with real tasks and talk about what works, what doesn’t and what user’s perceive as useful. We will highlight Alexa’s current strengths and limitations with specific reference to the way that people actually try to use the user interface. We’ll also discuss the general problems with design of natural spoken user-interfaces which support open-ended interactions in a limited domain which would apply to other home assistant products such as Google Home etc.

More about David

David has over 20 years’ experience researching and designing spoken user interfaces in the UK, US, Europe and Africa. He joined EIG in 2003 with responsibilities for user interface usability, design, research and development. David also manages the EIG UK Office. Before joining EIG he was head of the spoken dialog research team at the British Telecom Research Labs. David has several international patents pending and numerous publications. He holds two engineering degrees from the University of York, UK. Amongst David’s specific areas of expertise are applications using statistical language models, very large data driven applications, and Wizard of Oz usability testing on live traffic. He also has extensive experience in speech corpus collection and annotation management.

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Upcoming Webinar with Crispin Reedy

“Conversational User Interfaces: Past and Future”?


How can chatbots learn from existing VUI design? What makes these new interfaces different, and how are they similar?  Where do the Alexas and Siris come into the mix? We’ll discuss text-based vs. voice-based conversational user interfaces, and the landscape of Conversational User Interfaces, now and into the future.

Tue, May 23, 2017 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM CDT

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Crispin’s Bio:

Crispin Reedy is a Voice User Experience designer and usability professional with over 10 years of front-line design, speech usability, and tuning experience across a variety of industries, including financial, telecommunications, health care and transportation.   She is interested helping teams make excellent design decisions and how we can best leverage real-world data to achieve those goals. She has previously spoken at SpeechTEK, UXPA International, Dallas Tech Fest, Dallas Startup Week and Big Design Conference, and is currently serving as President of AVIxD.


AVIxD’s Brown Bags are Back with Conversational Turn-Taking & Social Robotics

Brown Bags are back and our first presenter is none other than Jonathan Bloom!

Please join us on May 16th at 12:00 EDT when our Brown Bag Session will be presented by
Jonathan Bloom, Voice User Interface Designer at Jibo, Inc.

Conversational Turn-Taking & Social Robotics

Calling a company and dealing with a system-initiated IVR is the extent of most people’s experience interacting with a spoken dialogue system. This will change with social robots. What is the etiquette when conversing with a robot? Who talks when? What are the boundaries of acceptable things to say? With each evolutionary step forward, the rules of turn-taking shift. We focus on the fascinating challenges faced by the Jibo design team while creating the foundations for a human-robot conversation.

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