Call for Speakers AVIxD Virtual Brown Bag Series 2016

Call for Speakers  AVIxD Virtual Brown Bag Series 2016

AVIxD is once more looking for a few good speakers! We had a wonderful run in 2015 with interesting folks like David Attwater of EIG, Lisa Falkson from Cloudcar, and UHG’s Dave Claiborn. In 2016, we hope to present 6 sessions!

The AVIxD Brown Bags are informal sessions held via conference call and online meeting (we provide the bridge and host the web meeting). They’re free and open to all. We record each session and make them available to AVIxD members on the AVIxD website. We’re hoping for lots of community participation to continue making this series fun, interesting, and insightful!

We’re interested in a wide variety of topics, including VUI design, technical topics, and interaction design. For 2016, we’re especially interested in the following (intentionally vague and broad) areas:

(1) VUI Design: Introductory Level

(2) VUI Design: Advanced Level

(3) VUI / Speech Technical Topic

(4) VUI Methodologies and/or Tools

(5) Multimodal and/or Omnichannel

(6) GUI or UCD topic

The point of this topic list is to ensure we have an interesting and well-rounded variety of speakers, but if you’re absolutely dying to talk about something that doesn’t quite seem to fit, send it along anyway. And – if you know of someone you think might be a good speaker, send their info, too!

Typically, speakers present on their topic for 45 minutes and field questions from attendees during the last 15 minutes, but we’re also open to having a panel discussion, if someone would like to organize that. Sessions are normally held on the first Tuesday of the month at noon Eastern time, though we’re flexible if that’s impractical for our speaker.

To be considered, please send us:

* A title of your proposed talk

* A few bullet points about your topic – bonus points if you have slides already J

* A short professional bio

* Your time zone Please send your submissions to no later than December 1st.

Thanks – and, see you in the lunchroom!

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