The Annual Meeting at SpeechTEK

Mark your calendars!  The Association for Voice Interaction Design will hold its annual members meeting at the Omni Shoreham, DC during SpeechTEK.  This is your opportunity to learn about the exciting changes in store for AVIxD and find out how you can help out.

If you’re coming in-person, pick up your lunch, then meet us.  The room is CONGRESSIONAL A.

Or, if you can’t attend SpeechTEK in person, attend virtually. This year we’ll be streaming live with Periscope again. Download the app on your cell phone now from the App Store or Google Play to get ready.

The AVIxD organization seeks to connect folks in the voice interaction design industry.  Our goal is to provide a forum for this community to find and share professional resources, while promoting awareness of the VUI field and advocating for good design practices.  Not a member yet? No problem.  Visit ahead of time to join – or just show up to learn more.

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AVIxD Workshop 2016

Ubiquitous Speech:  Creating Guidelines for Designing
Conversational User Interfaces

Sunday, May 22, 2016 | Just prior to SpeechTek 2016 | 4 – 7 PM

Wardman Park Marriott, 2660 Woodley Rd NW, Washington, DC ‎20008

Join us for our 2016 Workshop on Creating Guidelines for Designing Conversational User Interfaces in Specific Contexts. The AVIxD workshop is a hands-on session in which a variety of designers gather to learn about a topic of interest to the community.  As a result of this workshop, AVIxD is looking to expand its set of design guidelines to include speech in specific contexts.

In today’s world, speech recognition is pervasive, from in the home, in-car, and mobile apps to public kiosks and wearable devices.  “Victim automation”, where the user doesn’t have a choice but to use the technology, is being replaced by “volunteer automation.”  Such a shift demands a new set of design guidelines as repeat user experiences and personalized relationships changes everything we’ve ever known about designing a voice user interface.  Designing conversational user interfaces will be the key for “volunteer automation” to be successful.

The goal for this workshop is to produce a set of conversational user interface design guidelines.  Topics will include:

·         Identifying specific contexts/use cases

·         Prompting

·         Error recovery

·         Shortcuts

·         User learning paradigms

·         Machine learning paradigms

We are looking for experts in specific “volunteer automation” contexts to help us with this undertaking.

The cost of participation is $50 for AVIxD members and $75 for non-members.

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Announcing the New AVIxD Board of Directors and Officers

The AVIxD Elections Committee is pleased to announce the Board Members elected in our recent election. We welcome back to the Board Amy Goodwin, Crispin Reedy, and Helen Van Scoy, as well as new Board Member Carrie Claiborn. The new Board members will serve for a two-year term 2015-2017. Congratulations and thank you for your willingness to serve the voice interaction design community!

With this election, we bid farewell to Board Member Bruce Balentine and past-president and Board Member Jim Lewis. Thank you both for the commitment and energy you shared with our organization. You will be missed!

The newly elected Board held elections for officer positions, as per our by-laws, and would like to announce that Crispin Reedy will continue her tenure as president, Mark Smolensky will remain as Vice President, Amy Goodwin will continue as treasurer, and Deborah Rapsinski will continue to serve as secretary. The officers serve a one-year term until elections are held after the 2016 elections.

Save-the-date for the AVIxD SpeechTEK Workshop

Save-the-date! The annual AVIxD SpeechTEK workshop will be held in Washington, DC on Sunday, May 22, 2015 from 4-7p.
We’ll be discussing conversational user interfaces in specific contexts to help expand our AVIxD Design Guidelines, and you won’t want to miss it!
Stay tuned for more details!