Call for Papers for AVIxD Workshop Sunday August 17, 2014 1-7pm, New York City (just prior to SpeechTek)

Call for Papers | 12th AVIxD Workshop 2014

Documenting Cross Channel Customer Journeys

Sunday, August 17, 2014 | Just prior to SpeechTek 2014 | 1 – 7 PM

New York City, New York

 Join us for the 2014 workshop on voice interaction design, Documenting Cross Channel Customer Journeys. The AVIxD workshop is a hands-on session in which voice user interface practitioners come together to debate a topic of interest to the VUI community. The workshop is an opportunity to meet with your peers and delve deeply into a single topic. As in prior workshops, we will be publishing the outcome of the workshop on Please visit our website for more details on the purpose of the organization and how you can be part of it.

To be considered for the workshop, individuals must submit a position paper of approximately 500 words on this workshop’s topic:

Multi-channel customer experiences are still in their relative infancy. Years ago, we began with paper-based literature and live agent interactions. Subsequently, we evolved to the World Wide Web co-existing with paper-based literature and live agents. Still later, we introduced IVRs and other social media technologies to the mix. Organizationally speaking, different business units came to represent the aforementioned mediums. Though there may have been efforts to synchronize content across these channels, today, there still does not yet exist a coherent, consistent, and holistic approach toward documenting the customer experience across channels.

We invite your thoughts on this important area. For example:

  • What would an interaction design model for the cross-channel customer experience look like?
  • How should we document customer experiences across multiple channels and possibly across multiple platforms?
  • What design tool will meet the need for documenting the needs of each channel i.e. IVR, SMS, web, etc.? Are there multiple tools/applications required to adequately address the needs of each modality?
  • What technical issues and organizational issues must be addressed in the cross channel design?
  • What solutions are already in place and by whom? Are there groups out there who have already tackled this issue to some extent that could serve as a model for this work?
  • How will we measure the effectiveness of cross-channel customer experience? Can existing VUI measures be used wholesale or adapted to address this broader area?
  • Will there be a shift in the skills sets needed for cross-channel design? If so, what skills sets will designers need going forward?

As usual, specific examples of research you’ve conducted are always most valuable to the UX community.

The cost of participation is free to AVIxD members; non-members will be charged $40, however the fee may be applied towards AVIxD membership at the workshop. Please submit your papers via email no later than Friday, July 18, 2014 to Letters of acceptance will be sent by Friday, August 1, 2014.

We look forward to seeing you in New York City!  Contact either of the co-chairs with questions: Mark Smolensky ( or Renae Rogers (